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Whether you are planning a new career to China, or just want to get international experience, there are many great options for you to study LLM in China. 
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I was lucky to have found China Admissions, not only they helped me pursue my study goals, but now have new friends in China.

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I truly believe that anyone planning to study in China would be very lucky to come across Richard and China Admissions.

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We are founded by foreign students. We have been through the process of choosing Universities, applying and studying in China. We understand what its like for you. We want to make it simple and easy and for you to achieve your dreams in China. 

We have close relationships with Chinese Universities. You just need to apply once to any University, and we follow up each week automatically. Giving you constant updates. 

We are funded by Chinese Universities. We guarantee that the price of applying on our platform is the same or cheaper than applying to the University direct. If you notice any difference please let us know and we will refund you the difference.

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Since the first Chinese LLM in 2006, there are now more than 20 LLM programs for foreign students

Why so many foreign students are studying LLM in China?

Huge Opportunities

The Chinese economy is booming. The last 20 years in China has been the biggest improvement in living standards in any country in world history. China is continuing to develop into a technological powerhouse. There are huge opportunities for foreigners as China continues to develop and open to the world.

Low Prices - $$

Chinese Culture

Chinese Universities are heavily subsidised and you can receive a high quality education for some of the lowest cost in the world. The cost can be 1,500 USD - 5,000 USD per year.
There are also a number of scholarships available.  The cost of living is also very low in many cities. Living costs can be as low as $200 USD per month.

Studying abroad in China can bring huge benefits. You can learn Chinese and broaden your mind. Learn from ancient Chinese civilisation and get a different perspective. 

Rankings - which are the best ranked law schools in China

How to apply - the application process and tips

Student Stories - learn from the experiences of other foreign students 

Funding and Scholarships  - how much does it cost and how to apply for scholarships 

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